My Philosophy of Guitar

I am dedicated to the art of guitar. While I enjoy playing several instruments to varying degrees of proficiency, it’s the guitar that was my first true love (musically speaking.) The very first album I bought was Machine Head by Deep Purple. I also loved the music of Pink Floyd and Jimi Hendrix. The first song that I really remember being conscious of on the radio was Bo Diddley singing Who Do You Love.

Having been raised on Jazz music like John Coltrane, Miles Davis and the I’ve always been enamoured of performers who improvise their performances – and that’s always been what I strive to do. To bring that moment of discovery which both myself as the performer AND my audience feel when there are totally unscripted emotional moments in the performance.

But then I was also raised on Classical, 60s music on the radio, German Drinking songs, bluegrass music, and so many other things – there’s no one type of music that really dominates the tunes and performers I cherish.

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