One More Cafe (EP)
Uptown After the Rain
Faded Mind
Spatial Conformity
The Light Flows

Snapshot Blues (EP)
Ain’t No Chicken
Hey Dragonfly
Wrapped Up In The Blues
Snapshot Blues 
You Used To Call Me Baby
Didn’t Wake Up This Morning

Breakfast at Epiphany’s (Album)
Dancing In The Kitchen
Bacon & Hotcakes
Ain’t Half Empty
Monday Blues
14 Days
Just A Minor Blues
Flaw of Gravity
Breakfast at Epiphany’s

September Winds (EP)
September Wind (New Recording
Aurora Chromatis
Equinox (New Recording)
Bacon & Hotcakes (New Recording)

All songs released as Neil D Speers, ND Speers or as Hardwire Speers


Golden Cadillac
Hot Yoga
Brohiem County Blues
My Guitar Won’t Cry Over You
Compass That Never Pointed North
Ain’t Got Enough Windshield Washer Fluid Blues
New Telephone Number Blues
Brohiem County Blues
Rattlesnake Sweepstakes
Jackhammer Outside My Window Blues
You Ain’t Stuck On Me
I Ain’t Ready
What Am I?
Rabbit Holed
Angel Of Falling Stars
Not A Lullaby
The Woods
Prairie Wave Surfer
Dorian Grey – UFO
Out of Time
Blue Grey Days
Not A Lullaby
Rabbit: Run
Dragon’s Breath

A Hardwired Christmas (EP)
O Tannenbaum Variations
Jingle Belle Boogie
Deck The Halls
Silent Night

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